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Maryland Minute - 1.20.11 - Why Hasn't Mike Leach Been Hired by Anyone?

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Why former Texas Tech coach Mike Leach can't get another job - Stewart Mandel -
Great piece by Mandel about Leach. When Maryland isn't the only one passing on Leach, you start to think that maybe they did make the right choice. And great quote by Leach regarding the MD situation:

"They made the decision they made based on whatever it is they were looking for," Leach said of Maryland. "I certainly had a lot of support there, and I think it's a sleeping giant and I think they'll do well."

Under Armour: Poised To Win On Wall Street | ThePostGame
Great piece on Under Armor and how they've done a great job breaking into the market, establishing a brand name and continue to expand. At least something relating to MD sports is doing well...

Blogger Spotlight: Testudo Times talks Maryland and the ACC | Beyond the Arc
Check out Ben B.'s Q&A on NBC Sports "Beyond the Arc"

Recruiting Report: Meet Nigel King
Ben B. - King is perhaps my favorite recruit for the 2011 class. Good news: he's a Redskins fan and buds with John Wall. We need Wall at a game next year.

My take - we do need Wall at a game. But I disagree about the Redskins part.

DC Sports Box - Maryland Struggles In Loss To Virginia Tech

Here's my recap of the game, in case you're interested.