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Maryland Minute 1.19.11 - Surprise, Surprise, Seth Greenberg is Still Criticizing Maryland Fans

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In other news, is anyone else really getting excited for this game?

Seth Greenberg Just Keeps on Going - Richmond Times-Dispatch

"I don’t have to talk to [Jeff Allen] about it," Greenberg said. "You talk about nasty environments, buying a ticket doesn’t give you a right to be abusive. And you would hope that, quite honestly, the people at Maryland would do their job. Plain and simple. They need to do their job. Just because you buy a ticket to a game doesn’t give you a right to be abusive.

"And if someone’s abusive to our guys, then those people should be removed if it gets personal. That’s the stance I’ll take. And he knows he’s there to play. Nothing more but to play ball. He’s gonna handle that situation the right way. I have no doubt in my mind that he’ll be excited to play and that’s the only thing he’ll get involved with."


By the way, this is a fantastic write-up of all the angles of this game from a VT perspective. 10000% worth a read.

WaPo: Maryland basketball concerned about perimeter shooting heading into key game vs. Virginia Tech
Did anyone not know and/or think this already?

"You have to make shots," GarY Williams said. "We have to score. If you have one guy that's really shooting well, it gets [other] guys open shots. The other team has to worry about that. We need one player from the perimeter we can really go to [who] they have to guard.

This is the team's most obvious weakness, and unless Terrell Stoglin magically turns it on, it looks like they won't have someone that can do that until next season.

WaPo: Virginia Tech's Jeff Allen has a new attitude in his final college season
He's a chiseled team leader who happens to leave his shoes at home and is the last of his teammates to start warming up. He's singled out and picked on, even though he fully deserves that. Him flipping the Maryland student section the bird was bad, but understandable because the fans were being "egregious." Yet someone everyone else on the floor was able to keep their composure.

I don't want to be the cynical guy that thinks people aren't capable of change. And I hope he has changed. But until I see it for sure, I'm not going to believe it.

@TheRecruitScoop: UNC Still Hasn't Offered Desmond Hubert
Oh, that's nice. He's down to UNC and MD, so he appears to waiting on a UNC offer. If he doesn't get it, he'll be a Terrapin.

2010-11 Virginia Tech Basketball: Hokies Travel to Maryland for Key Bubble Battle - Gobbler Country
For a VT view of the game, check out our friends at Gobbler Country, SBN's VT blog.

Recruiting Report: Season recap: Tyler Cierski
I'm a big Cierski fan. He's a powerful FB, but is pretty dynamic with the ball. He could be our very own Peyton Hillis of sorts, if utilized properly.

Recruiting Report: Quick note on Rodman Noel
Noel was a four-star LB, but he's apparently decommitted. Or been let go. Or something like that. He visited N.C. State and will likely be in the ACC next year.

Clemson's Smith to miss Maryland game with injury
I couldn't stand playing against Tanner Smith. He'll miss the MD game with an injury.