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Maryland Minute 1.2.11 - Randy Edsall Hiring Fallout, Don Brown's Status

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Jeff Barker: Don Brown Wants to be a HC
Okay everyone, it's coming from his agent, so calm down. This is quite possibly a leverage move. We'll see. Maryland should get a shot at him, and should pay to keep him around.

No word on fate of remaining assistants
Edsall will meet with them tonight and tomorrow. Pray that Don Brown stays on board. The players said they're making their preferences known, so hopefully Edsall will keep him on board.

Edsall Plans to Bring Three Assistants With Him
Offensive coordinator, running backs coach, and special teams coordinator. So Brown remains a possibilty. Bad news:

Maryland defensive coordinator Don Brown has interviewed for the defensive coordinator position at Vanderbilt, as well as for the head coaching position at Elon, according to the source.

Search Committee contacted Chris Petersen, Rodriguez
LOL @ Petersen. What, Saban wouldn't pick up the phone?

As for Rodriguez, I know people said they hate him, but I still think he would've been a decent hire. Certainly more "sizzle."

Tracking the Terps: Leach and Maryland: the courtship ends
So on Thurdsay, he was interviewed and courted. What changed in between then and now?

Reactions, from players and media types, past the jump.

A.J. Francis Likes Edsall
Good enough for me.

Demetrius Hartsfield: You're Gonna Love Randy Edsall
He also said "Edsall + Brown = Championships."

Danny O'Brien "Very Impressed" by Randy Edsall
Good enough for Danny, good enough for me. still, what you expect him to say?

Randy Edsall not a flashy hire, but good one - Dinich
Big expectations for Edsall, that's for sure.

Losing Edsall a worrisome sign for UConn - ESPN
Good read from the UConn side of things.

Maryland's burning questions in 2011: How good is its football coaching job and can it be a power? - D1scourse
This was written pre-Edsall hiring. It's very long and and involved, but the payoff is worth it. Some will say that it leans toward an Edsall hire, beacuse it has a higher floor; others will say that Leach was Maryland's one shot at becoming an elite. I'll leave that up to you.

Mike Wise - Maryland's new football hire, Randy Edsall, doesn't look much different from Ralph Friedgen
We get it. You like Ralph Friedgen. Now go away.