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Maryland Terrapins Coaching Search: Randy Edsall Pulling Away [UPDATE: It's Edsall]

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The Guy?
The Guy?

UPDATE: It's Edsall, per Cam Chism.

OK, people. Remember when I said I wasn't believing it until it came from Anderson or the hype became overwhelming? Combined with the Chick Hernandez report and the ESPN report, we're reaching that point of overwhelming-ness.

Via the Post:

Connecticut Coach Randy Edsall is expected to become Maryland's next football coach, individuals close to the Terrapins athletic department and to Edsall said Sunday. The school will call a press conference to announce the hire Monday, barring any unforeseen developments.

Former Texas Tech coach Mike Leach has not been contacted by Maryland in the past three-and-a-half days. Meanwhile, Edsall is there now.less than a minute ago via web

Updates: Randy Edsall nterviewing today. Barring any unforseen developments, he will be named Maryland's new football coach tomorrow. #Terpsless than a minute ago via TweetDeck

Source, on Leach: Maryland "got cold feet...They wanted to make the conservative, safe, non-confrontational hire. That's the bottom line."less than a minute ago via TweetDeck

I imagine that third tweet will piss off plenty of people .

But wait: before you get too far into it, a lot of the players are tweeting things along the lines of "It's not final." I would imagine that's related to the coaching search, given that the football players are tweeting it. Of course, Edsall still has to interview, so you never know what can happen.

And, as Friend of the Blog Pete Volk mentioned, "Unforeseen Events" is the University of Maryland's middle name.

But for now, it's looking solid. For the record, I was working on more detailed profiles of the coaching candidates this morning. This is what I wrote for Edsall:

Head Coaching Experience: 12 years at UConn, 74-70 record, 5 bowl games, 2 conference titles, 1 BCS bowl. The record is misleading for Edsall. When he took over at UConn, the Huskies were in DI-AA. He literally built that program from the ground up, despite the job being one of the most difficult in the country. My only concern here is that he hasn't done what needs to happen at Maryland: take a good program (8-5) and make it great (10-2).

Offensive Prowess: Edsall's a defensive guy, as he was the DC at Georgia Tech prior to taking the UConn job. Offensively, he runs a pro-style offense predicated on solid running backs. Both Jordan Todman and Donald Brown came through UConn, and both were among the best rushers in the country. He's never had a solid QB in his tenure at UConn, which he will finally have with Danny O'Brien. His offense isn't particularly exciting, certainly not a spread or an Air Raid.

Defensive Prowess: Edsall's teams usually have good defenses. This isn't always the case, but he's certainly more defense-oriented than anyone else on the list.

Recruiting Prowess: Do me a favor and don't look at the results, eh? UConn has no recruiting bed to work from, limited administrative support until recently, and no tradition or history. Know this: Edsall works hard on the trail and has brought in a bunch of kids from the DMV in recent years, giving him relatively strong connections to Fork Union, McDonogh, Lake Braddock, Calvert Hall, and he's even landed someone from Good Counsel.

Fit at Maryland: The head coach at Maryland faces certain challenges: lack of consistent fanbase support is the biggest, along with mediocre facilities and being a basketball school. They aren't the same as the ones faced at UConn, but they're extremely similar. That's in Edsall's corner. So, too, is the fact that he was born 1.5 hours away from College Park and has recruiting ties to the area. He's also coached in the ACC in the past, as he was formerly the DC at Georgia Tech. He runs a pro-style offense, which is similar to Maryland's.

Buzz: Nonexistent.

In it for the long haul: No one knows. He's not a big name, so I imagine he'd stick around for at least 5 years or so.

Baggage: None.

Best Known For: Who's Randy Edsall?

Quirks: Funny celebrations.

Bottom Line: He's not a big name, and that will turn a lot of people off. So, too, will the circumstances, the "we fired Ralph Friedgen for this guy?" rhetoric. But he's a very solid program CEO who recruits well and has done a lot with little up at UConn. Would he be a perfect hire? Hell no. The best hire? Not really. But he's not a bad hire by any stretch, and is one of the better ones available.