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Maryland Coaching Search: Edsall Looks Like the Guy, But Leach is in the Picture

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This started developing fast, huh? I'll get to the info and stay out of the way for now. But this information is contradictory, so believe at your own risk.

Maryland has chosen UConn's Randy Edsall as head coachless than a minute ago via txt

Maryland will announce its new football coach tomorrow, source tells Baltimore Sun. UConn coach Randy Edsall will interview before then.less than a minute ago via web


Maryland source says Randy Edsall will undergo the same set of rigorous interviews as Mike Leach did earlier. Leach is still in play.less than a minute ago via web


We'll have more as it comes. Edsall's personality isn't as grating as Leach's so I can't imagine an interview would go that poorly.