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Chick Hernandez: Randy Edsall New Frontrunner at Maryland

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Well, can't say I saw this one coming 24 hours ago. From Chick Hernandez, who's been a solid source on this thing from the beginning:

UCONN HC Randy Edsall is in Maryland. Meeting with some members of search committee. Barring major setback, look for him to be New HC at Maryland.

As always, do not take this word as golden. We've been through too much, even from usually solid sources, to do that at this point. Until Anderson says it or the sources/hype becoming overwhelming, remain skeptical.

But I find this more believable. Quite honestly, if Leach had interviewed back on Thursday and was on campus, I feel that we would've heard of an offer by this point. After all, the self-imposed deadline of Jan. 4 is just days away. And by the way, Edsall's not a "major setback" kind of guy.

For the record, there's also a team meeting today. So yes, the timing is certainly interesting.

UPDATE: Prisbell (presumably) agrees.

Multiple sources: Randy Edsall now the leading candidate to become Maryland's next football coach. Story will be up shortly.

Two reliable sources...sounding pretty locked in.

I profiled Edsall back here, and I advise you to read up on that. I have more coming soon.

First reaction: I'm okay with the hire, if this is it. Not excited by it, for sure, but it's fine and better than some of the other options. No, it's not Leach. But it's not Rodriguez, either, or Kevin Gilbride or Bobby DePaul any of the other ridiculous names that have been thrown out there. It's safe, has a low floor, and a high ceiling.

Maryland's in a good spot. Edsall's a program guy that will keep the team stable. After what Maryland just went through, the team needs that.

Edsall will be panned by fans, I'm sure. And I probably will be, too, for not panning him. But I'll have more on my stance in the near future if we hear more confirmation.

Two conditions to this hire, for me: don't overpay, and keep Under Armour in the fold. For the first, Edsall's a good coach, but not an amazing one. Anything more than, say, $2.3mil or so is probably too much. For the second, Edsall's not an Under Armour guy, so I'm questioning whether this is Plank's guy. If it isn't, Maryland needs to be wary of alienating his support. If both of those happen, there's a high floor on the hire.

We'll have more as it comes.