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Maryland Minute - 1.18.10 - Is Virginia Tech Maryland's 2nd Biggest Rival?

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Box Seats - Maryland-Virginia Tech - renewing an unheralded rivalry
Good little piece, but I don't think Va. Tech is MD's biggest rival outside of Duke. I'd say Virginia, West Virginia, NC State and Navy are all ahead of Va. Tech. If you're just talking basketball, I still don't think Va. Tech is #2...

Expect more zone from Hokies against Terps - Teel time -
Oh crap. 2-3 zone = trouble. We have no "real" perimeter shooters. How about instead, they play man D and Jordan scores 41, matching Greivis' point total from last season?

Terrapins Insider - Williams muses about changes wrought by the 3-point shot
Gary's take on the 3 point shot...

Comparing Notes -- Hokies, Terps Edition - From the tarpit -
Gary's and Seth's take on each others team.

SI Bracketology: Terps Among Last Four Out
Ben B. - We all know how early - and therefore pretty much useless - these are, but it's worth taking the pulse now and again.

Quick Fix
Liz Clarke again with the "Captain Obvious" award. The only thing worth reading in this article is this:

"Jordan Williams is shooting 51.6 percent from the free-throw line (66 of 128) this season. The Terps as a whole are shooting 62.8 percent. Williams has taken 32 percent of the team's foul shots."

And Liz, while this team should be shooting better from the line, to say something like "And if they had made all their foul shots Saturday against Villanova, they could have tied in regulation and forced overtime. " is a bit of a stretch. How many times does a team shoot perfect from the line at a game? If they'd shot perfect from the line at every game they've lost this year THEY WOULD HAVE WON ALL OF THEM!

Lettermen In The News: Terps’ Strawberry Signs In Lithuania –
D.J. signs in Lithuania. Maryland owns International hoops.

ACC Power Rankings: Duke, Florida State Leading The Pack - SB Nation Boston
Sweet mercy I hate everything that is related to Boston sports, but this managed to up that hatred further. Gethin Coolbaugh of SBN Boston has Maryland ranked....wait for it...10TH in his power rankings. 10th! BEHIND UVA! Yes, that UVA team that lost to SEATTLE and Iowa State AT HOME! News flash - Maryland beat Seattle...BY 29!  Maryland's worse loss this year was by 9 points to Pitt. Maryland's worse RPI loss was to, ironically, Boston College, who is currently #36 in the RPI. Maryland's average margin of defeat was by less than 6 points. What about UVA? I'm glad you asked. Their average margin of defeat is by 16.71. The worst RPI loss they have is to...#306 Seattle (mind you, there are only 345 teams) AT HOME. UVA's worse loss was by 43 points to Washington. The average RPI of the teams they lost to is a wonderful 83.28. Maryland's is 21.6. How on earth someone thinks UVA is better than Maryland just boggles my mind.  Coolbaugh says Maryland has been inconsistent, yet the Terps are 4-2 in their last 6 games and UVA is 2-4. Sure, they've been inconsistent at the line, but to put a team ahead of them and say it's because they're been inconsistent and the team you're placing ahead of them is UVA, I do indeed have a problem with that (if you couldn't tell). Oh, and I love this quote: "Virginia certainly isn't anywhere near the top in the ACC, but they are better than the remaining three teams."

Yup, makes complete sense! Listen, everyone is entitled to an opinion, but try to at least do a little research before you spout off something like that.