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Maryland Minute - 01.17.10 - Gary Williams Admits the ACC Might be a Bit Down

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"Okay, I'll admit, it's not that great this year."
"Okay, I'll admit, it's not that great this year."

First off, I'm sorry if I've seemed missing in action the last few days. If you're a Ravens fan, like Ben G. and I both are, Saturday was one of the worst sports days I can remember. Back to back games on CBS, a solid 7 hours of heart break, and two teams jumping out to a big lead, in Pennsylvania, and then blowing said big lead via epic self-destructing. Awesome. But I digress...onto the MM!

Maryland coach concedes ACC "may be a little bit down" - Teel time -
At least Gary is admitting the ACC is down this year...

Flipping through history: Current Terps vs. Virginia Tech -
Patrick Stevens looks at how the current Terps have performed against Va. Tech. Basically, we need Mosley and Jordan to have good games.

RTC on Maryland: No Worries
Ben B. - Good to know some national guys feel that way.

Williams continues to play phenomenal basketball and has to be second behind Jared Sullinger as far as true back-to-the-basket post presences are concerned in college basketball. He’s rebounding at a sky-high rate, drawing fouls with great frequency, shoots 56% from the field and rarely makes bad decisions. The Terps currently rank first in the entire country in defensive efficiency, allowing opponents to shoot just 40% from inside the arc on the season. Other than road trips to Virginia Tech and North Carolina, along with a visit to College Park from Duke, it wouldn’t stun me if the Terps ran the table during the rest of ACC play. At 22-9 (11-5) or 21-10 (10-6) with a stellar RPI/SOS, Williams won’t be sweating come Selection Sunday.

 My take - I'll have a piece on this, hopefully today.

The Toy Department: Ravens' challenge: Going from good to great -
The Ravens need to take the next step, much in the same way AD Kevin Anderson described Maryland needing to go from good to great. 

Terrapins Insider - Washington Post - Free throws (or lack of) a big factor for Terps
Liz Clarke receives the "Thanks, Captain Obvious" award of the week. But it's a slow news day, so I included it anyway.

Thomas Named ACC Rookie of the Week
Alyssa Thomas was named the ACC's Rookie of the Week. Great job.