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Maryland Minute 1.16.11 - More Notes, Quotes, and Fallout from Villanova Loss

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Extraordinarily slow news day.

Game 17: Maryland's seven bad minutes lead to one crushing loss at Villanova - D1scourse
From Jordan Williams:

"It's just a hump we have to get over," forward Jordan Williams said. "We know we can beat these teams. We can see it. We're ahead by 11, 12 points, and we can beat them. It's just a matter of we have a four-minute period where we can't do anything. It's frustrating."

Yes, it's frustrating. And then some.

Terps blow 12-point lead, fall at No. 7 Villanova - The Sun
Gary is on the "no moral victories" boat:

  "There's no moral victories or anything like that," Gary Williams said. But he said he thought his team could improve from the experience of playing at a high level -- at least for most of the game. "I thought our players came here with the attitude that we could win the game," the coach said.

New LB Coach Hired: Southern Miss DC Todd Bradford
Paywall, but the summary tells you all you need to know about it. Overall, I'm meh about it. It's great to get some DC experience in a position coach - if you're wondering why he left, he was another "probably about to get fired" case - but an initial look at his recruiting and I'm not impressed. Just seems like it would've been better to keep Seamo around. Hopefully his coaching can make up for it, but this staff is looking recruiter-less at the moment, with the lone exception of Lee Hull. Hull, to top things off, will probably be out of his element in DC or overlapping with Gattuso in Western Pa.

In other news, there's still one more open position coach spot at DB. Hopefully Curome Cox gets a bump for local recruiting.

Maryland struggling with the powers of three and free against top teams - D1scourse
Well, it's not like we didn't know this was happening, but seeing it spelled out in numbers is pretty appalling.

Recruiting Report: Ga. FB Tyler Cierski plans to stick with Terps
Good news, I was a Cierski fan. He's similar to Cory Jackson with a little bit more versatility and quickness. If Edsall sticks with the power running game he used in UConn, he'd be a perfect fit.

Lady Terps Blow Out Clemson
Alyssa Thomas dropped 21. Good news on a bad weekend, I suppose.

North Carolina Defeated at GT by 20
They scored 58, the fewest total scored by the Heels under Roy Williams. Youch. The Terps only play UNC once this year, but it should be a win. There's a grand total of one game in the conference that Maryland potentially should not win, as I see it: Duke. And that's it.