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NFL Draft Deadline to Declare Has Passed, and What's Up with Kenny Tate?

So, the deadline to declare for the NFL Draft was yesterday. It's now gone and passed. And what, exactly, is happening with Kenny Tate?

That's a good question. Nothing's been heard one way or the other as far as an announcement goes, and the questionably-accurate databases are disagreeing. We won't hear an official list until Tuesday, because players have until then to rescind their decision. And until then...we wait.

I had been thinking that Tate was a lean to return after Don Brown came back. It simply makes too much sense to me: he's still raw as a safety and has only been defensively-focused for three years. Unlike many other underclassmen, he has a lot to gain by coming back for a year and working on teachables, like his coverage and fundamentals, which are slightly underdeveloped thanks to the time he spent focusing on offense.

Despite that, he'll still be the best player on the team and probably worth a win or two. If he returns, Maryland isn't in the unenviable position of playing two new safeties, and the fact that both starting corners return would make the secondary a position of strength.

Yet he's also a solid bet for a second-round selection, which is a couple million bucks guaranteed. It's unwise to assume anything against early-round NFL draft cash. For now, I'm catiously optimistic about Tate being back, but I am - just like you - waiting on confirmation. Once that happens, I'll be leading the Tate for Thorpe charge.