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Maryland Minute - 1.13.10 - Getting to Know Jordan Williams

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Crothers: Maryland’s Anonymous Star Articles
Fantastic piece on Jordan. A great, great read. I've talked to Jordan a few times when I cover MD games for DC Sports Box and Crother's does a great job articulating what a great person Jordan is.

Against red-hot Villanova, Maryland seeks 'one big win' -
You'll see it in my upcoming piece on the state of ACC basketball, but I'll say it again here - Maryland pretty much has to win this game or against Duke at home if they want an at-large bid...

Terps Offense Scores Big with Crowton Hire | Baltimore Sports Report
Good piece on Gary Crowton. I think it will end up being a good move. And I think having a proven QB like DOB will be the biggest asset for Crowton and will allow him to be successful.

Box Seats - Maryland-Villanova - Gotta find the girlfriend
Funny piece comparing MD to a good looking guy who wants to get into the club (aka NCAA Tourney) but his hot girlfriend (ala big win against a good team) is missing and without her, he can't get in.

Terps Shine in 2011 MLS SuperDraft
Three drafted players: Zac MacMath was 5th overall, while both Billy Cortes and Jason Herrick both went in the third round. -BB

Brattan Returning as OL Coach - UMTERPS.COM
Brattan is staying on as OL coach. Good move, Edsall.

Maryland women's basketball: Terps women undone by cold shooting in 78-69 loss to Boston College -
The Women's bball team had climbed up to #13, but will likely drop back a little after dropping a tough home loss to BC. Stupid BC.

Terps Men's Lacrosse Gives Back To Community

Glad to see the Lacrosse team doing this. Special props go out to Brian Farrell, who I know personally.