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Maryland Minute 1.12.11 - Maryland Wins, Duke Loses...Good Night, Eh?

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Yesterday was a slow news day so DT and I combined forces tonight for a Super-MM.  Enjoy!

Jordan's Double-Double Surprises Gary

Gary opened his post-game press conference by mentioning the end of Jordan's double-double streak. The only problem? JWill scored 13 points and brought in 15 boards.

"Did he really?" Gary Williams said. "Oh, that's right, I didn't think he made any free throws. Why would I think that? That's tremendous."

Gotta love Gary. 

Dook: Undefeated No More

I, for one, am shocked! No, not really.  Maryland exposed them a bit in their last game, and like the Terps, FSU is a very good defensive team. The only difference is they got the Blue Devils at home.

Duke shot 11 of 35 from three, and got no contributions outside of Singler and Smith. If Irving is still out by the time they come to Comcast, I like our chances.   

Maryland Offers 2013 Chris Thomas

Subscriber-only article from IMS, but you get the essential info from the jump. For those that don't know, Thomas is a 6-4 guard at Princeton Day Academy (Md.) who could possibly claim the top spot in the 2013 class. He's that good. Not sure why it took so long to offer, but at least we're on him.

Maryland #2 in ACC Power Rankings

This was written before FSU knocked off Duke, so take it with a grain of salt.  I could put the Terps anywhere from 2-4 in the ACC right now.   

Is Jordan Williams a 1st Round Pick?'s latest Mock Draft has him going at #20. I still think he stays one more year, but the thought of him bolting after this season scares me. 

Dinich's Early ACC Power Rankings: Maryland is...Eighth?

Wha? I can understand FSU and VT, and maybe N.C. State (though not really if Russell Wilson leaves) or UNC. But I have trouble swallowing Miami, and am kind of incredulous at BC and GT being above Maryland. BC has no offense to speak of, and Georgia Tech was terrible this year and there's nothing on the horizon that makes it seem like they'll get better. - DT

Recruiting Report: Season recap: Larry Mazyck

Another great piece by Bracken of the Sun.