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Maryland-Wake Forest GameThread

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Game starts at 8:00. It's on Raycom (check local listings for the channel in DC, MD, VA, and NC), but there's some good news: there's a free ESPN Full Court preview this week, so all you out-of-towners should be able to see the game on TV. Before bombarding with comments as to how to do it, I have no idea what channel it will be on in your area or with your provider. Dig around a little, I guess.

There's also an ESPN3 stream (blacked out for the locals). Haven't yet found a non-kosher stream, but they usually pop up closer to gametime anyway.

Random, Baseless Prediction: After this game, the Bench Sean Mosley for Cliff Tucker Movement will begin. Mosley is traditionally iffy in ACC season and Tucker has been embracing his role. Of course, the role Tucker has been embracing has been the sixth man one, so many will be content to keep it as is. Still: Tucker will probably impress again, and there will be whispers about making the switch.

Terps by 11.