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2010: Looking Back on a Crazy Year that was Maryland Athletics

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Yes it's almost mid-January, so this post might seem a little late, but I thought it was still worth taking a step back and looking at how we ended up where we are today. Just think about all of the crazy, bizarre events that had to happen for Maryland to be where in the position it currently finds itself - new AD, new football coach...crazy, crazy business.

I thought the easiest way to reflect back on 2010 was via a timeline. Anyone that predicted these events would happen probably also predicted the Seahawks beating the Saints last weekend. Either way, I want to talk to that person before the next powerball drawing. Check out the timeline after the jump:

The 2010 Maryland Athletics Year in Review:

  • Feb 20th  - Maryland beat Georgia Tech after the half court shot made by Greivis was waived off due to a time out called. 



  • March 3rd - #23 Maryland upsets #4 Duke at Comcast on Senior Night, completing a perfect 8-0 home record in ACC play.  


  • March 9th - Gary Williams wins ACC Coach of the Year and Greivis Vasquez wins ACC Player of the year
  • March 12th - the men's basketball team ends up Co-ACC regular reason champs, despite losing to William and Mary at home on December 30th, 2009
  • March 21st - Maryland loses on a buzzer beater to Michigan State (I refuse to show a video of this...still makes me cry). And in an instant, the careers of Greivis Vasquez, Eric Hayes and Landon Milbourne are over. The loss was so tough to swallow, mainly because it so abruptly ended the careers of three great MD players, after Vasquez brought the team back to life in the 2nd half. It was also frustrating because of the clear path Maryland had to the Final 4. It was arguably Gary's best chance to get back to the Final 4 since the 2002-2003 season, and if MD had to match up against Duke, you had to have liked Maryland's chances. Could you imagine what it would have been like to have Greivis on the Final 4 stage? *sigh*
  • March 22nd - Greivis finishes his career at Maryland as one of the school's all-time greats.
  • June 25th - Debbie Yow abruptly resigns her post at Maryland to...accept the same position at NC State.
  • September 6th - Maryland defeats Navy in Baltimore, 17-14, following a goalline stand to win the game.
  • September 7th -Maryland hires Army AD Kevin Anderson as the new AD to replace Yow
  • September 22nd - Maryland agrees to a home and home with Texas in football, starting in 2017 with the MD game taking place at FedEx Field.
  • September 25th - Due to an injury to starting QB Jamarr Robinson, Danny O'Brien is named Maryland's starting QB. O'Brien tossed 2 TDs and 250 yards in his first start, causing him to remain the starter for the rest of the season.
  • November 18th - After initially withholding his decision on whether he'd bring back Friedgen in 2011, MD Athletic Director Kevin Anderson says Fridge will be back next year. This ends up biting Anderson later when he decides to force Friedgen out. Although he initially committed to Friedgen for 2011, during his press conference announcing Friedgen's firing, Anderson says that Ralph coming back was based on James Franklin still being at Maryland.
  • November 27th - Maryland defeats NC State, 38-31, behind arguably Danny O'Brien and Torrey Smith's best games as Terps. O'Brien threw for over 400 yards and tossed 4 TDs, all to Smith, who finished with 224 yards receiving. The 4th TD pass from O'Brien to Smith was one of my favorite plays of the season.

  • November -Ralph Friedgen takes a 2-10 football team and turn it into a 8-4 team.
  • November 30th - Ralph Friedgen wins the ACC Coach of the Year award
  • November 30th - Redshirt freshman Danny O'Brien wins the ACC Rookie of the year award
  • December - Maryland falls all the way to 8th in the bowl pecking order on fear that, due to poor attendance all year at Byrd Stadium, fans wouldn't travel to a more prestigious bowl game. The Terps, with an 8-4 record, give the Military Bowl their dream team.
  • December - After completing a turn-around season, Maryland head coach Ralph Friedgen begins asking for a contract extension, since his current one only goes through 2011. 
  • December 17th - Offensive Coordinator/Head Coach in Waiting James Franklin is hired as the new head coach for Vanderbelt University, getting Maryland off the hook for $1 million dollars had he not been named MD's head coach by January of 2012.
  • December 21st- With the departure of James Franklin, Maryland formally fires/forces out Ralph Friedgen after an 8-4 season. Maryland didn't want to extend Friedgen's contract beyond 2011 and thus didn't want to have a lame-duck coach for a year and not have the ability to hire top-notch coordinators and coaches since most wouldn't agree to come to MD with the instability at the head coach position. Maryland tried to get Friedgen to go quietly, including offering to put his name in the ring of honor inside Byrd Stadium. But Friedgen refused and forced Maryland to formally fire/dismiss him. Friedgen agreed to coach the team in the Military Bowl, which would in essence be his final act of coaching at Maryland. Maryland has to pay Friedgen over $2 million to buy out the final year of his contract. New AD Kevin Anderson receives a lot of grief from Maryland fans for forcing out Friedgen, a former player and Alum. Anderson states that he wants Maryland to go from being good to great.
Press Conference Video can be found by clicking here.
  • [edit] - December 29th - Ralph Friedgen coaches his final game at Maryland, a 51-20 demolishing of East Carolina, with over 38,000 fans in attendance at RFK Stadium in Washington, D.C. (props to Meraj Chowdhury for pointing out my neglecting to include this in my initial post)

  • December/January - Maryland flirter with hiring Mike Leach only to settle on Randy Edsall (yes, this was technically 2011, but still, it was part of the craziness). Edsall was initially viewed by many as being extremely similar to the man Maryland had just fired, Ralph Friedgen, who finished with a 75-50 record in his 10 years at Maryland.

Wow. What a crazy year it's been. I'm sure 2011 has a lot in store for us as Terps fans, but it will be hard to top the roller-coaster that was 2010 in Maryland Athletics.