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Maryland Minute - 1.10.11 - Where Will the Terps Finish in the ACC in Basketball?

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Sorry about the MM confusion. We originally had it focused on the Terps finishing in the Top 25, but Ben did a full post on it so I'm re-branding it towards a topic I'll be doing a story about later today - where will Maryland finish in the ACC in basketball this year?

John Feinstein Thinks Maryland Can Still Do Well in the ACC

He basically thinks that MD needs to take care of business at home and win the ones they should win on the road and they'll be fine come March. He thinks the confidence they gained from almost beating Duke should prove to them that they can beat anyone. Now, they just need to do it. By the way, did anyone else see the Feinstein piece he did before the Duke-MD game about how stupid the Crazies were for chanting "not our rival?" and where he also dissed them for not coming up with anything original since the 80s? It was awesome (and he's a Duke grad) but I can't find the video anywhere.

Difficult to figure out ACC's jumbled mess in Bubble Watch - Andy Glockner -
Glockner still thinks MD will end up in the tourney, but thinks 10-6 in the ACC ain't going to cut it, especially for a MD team who has no marque victories and has only 2 real chances left to pick one up (Saturday @ Nova and Duke at home).

Gary talks about Greivis, who was at the Duke game - D1Scourse

Nice piece by Patrick Stevens

Terrapins, Blue Devils combine for something special
I've never seen Dook play that bad at home in all the years I've watched MD basketball. Had we played decent, we could have won by double digits. Such a missed opportunity. And LOL at the Crazies chanting "sit down Greivis." Real original, guys.

Gattuso, Johnson, Walker and Wilson join Terps football coaching staff -
In case you didn't hear, Edsall's staff is coming together. Still no OC through...

Virtual Vensanity: Terps lose, but Williams continues to impress -
I love that Jordan is playing well and impressing...but if we don't get solid guard play moving forward, it doesn't matter because we're going to keep dropping close games like this...

Maryland Basketball: Where Are They Now?: Euroleague Draw: 4 Terps, 4 Different Groups
Where are they now? breaks down several Terps playing in the Euroleague. Always a fun read.