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Maryland Minute 1.9.11 - Edsall Gets First Commitment at Maryland

Tough loss. But I'm sure you know that by now. This is a scheduled publishing, so a Four Things post may or may not be up by now; if not, it will be soon. Weirdly enough, the storyline from the overlooked links of the day didn't come from the Duke game, but instead from Randy Edsall and Maryland football recruiting, namely the commitment of Edsall's first recruit.

A few other things of note past the jump: a UNC offer for Hubert may be forthcoming and Penn State makes Maryland's win in State College look a little better.

Edsall Lands First Commitment: DE Quinton Jefferson
He's from the Pittsburgh area, so maybe this is a side effect of Gattuso. Not long ago he was thought as an Iowa lean, so I'm slightly (not amazingly) surprised that he's committing. Good sign.

He's only the second DL landed in this class after the five or so that were brought in last year. He's a little undersized at just 230, but he's fast. To me, that screams "Don Brown player."

Jefferson Highlight Reel
Knocks down a lot of passes, which is good to see. Those usually aren't included in highlight reels, but he gets his hands up a lot and does a nice job to knock some passes down. He also looked solid against the run and stood his ground well, but he definitely needs to put on some weight.

After Meeting Edsall, Hughes Re-considering - IMS
Paywall, but I think you can get the gist from the headline itself. Hughes was a Maryland lean before all the coaching stuff went down; if Edsall is stable, it's rational for him to at least consider switching. He'd be an amazing get at this point and would be Maryland's most highly-touted prospect since De'Onte Arnett, I believe.

An Exhaustive Overview of the Last Nine Years in Maryland’s Football Recruiting | Terrapin Station
Pete Volk delves into tons of data surrounding Maryland's in-state football recruiting the past few years. It's a lot to get through, so make sure you have some time on your hands, but it's worth a read.

Duke-Maryland Highlights
Y'know, if you want to relive it for some weird, masochistic reason.

Penn State Upsets Michigan State
Makes that win at PSU look a little better. Not much more than a little RPI boost, but you'll take anything you can get at this point.

UNC "Might Extend Offer" to Hubert on Monday
Gird your loins, etc. Hubert is a must-land at this point.

VT Loses Their Second Star Running Back
A few days ago, Darren Evans went pro. Now, Ryan Williams is, too. That means that VT is losing their QB and both of their top two RBs. I'm not expecting that to be a huge deterrent, but they can't be the ACC front-runners anymore, can they? The title will go through Tallahassee.