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Maryland Minute 12.31.10 - Terrapin's Head Coach Search Keeps Going

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Second straight day of a deathly slow news cycle. They're either drawing up a contract for Leach right now or they're looking at some candidate or other. We'll probably be waiting until Monday for an announcement, I can't imagine they'd have one on New Year's Day or on a Sunday.

In other news, this is the last MM of 2010. Weird, huh? Happy New Year, all.

Tracking the Terps: The Maryland football search rolls on
Yep, nothing's happening.

But I'm told the search is not yet complete -- that there are still other candidates in play. I posted earlier today on Auburn offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn, who declined to directly address the Maryland job with the media covering his team. I've mentioned that former Maryland linebacker and NFL assistant Bobby DePaul's name has made its way to the search committee, and I believe other names (possibly with NFL ties like DePaul) are being looked at as well.

@SportsByBrooks on the Maryland Coaching Search
A series of tweets, from a solid but not spectacular source on things:

SHOCKED if MD spurns Leach. Committee, consultant (Richter), leaks deployed to resemble legit search. Plank almost got Leach in LAST YEAR.
But we've got some very, very credible reporters floating RichRod as viable MD candidate. If Weis can bolt for UF, anything can happen.
Gun to my head: MD hires Leach. Harbaugh accepts UM job & RR ends up w/ highest remaining bidder (school) at the coaches convention in 2 wks

We Have a New Competitor: Pitt's New HC Arrested for Domestic Assault
Doubt they'll make a run at Leach, or that Leach will be receptive to it. But they're looking for a new HC now. RichRod? Doubtful, but I guess you might keep it in mind.

Steve Francis's China Trip Ends with a Bad Break-Up
From our friends at Maryland Basketball: Where Are They Now?. A little late, but still worth a quick read.

Maryland plus-minus: North Florida - D1scourse
Stoglin and Mosley are both +23 on the game. Nice.