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Maryland Minute - 09.08.10 - Terps Behaving Badly?

Apparently students were being bad again at the Navy game. Whoever it was, cursing at the Mids is pretty stupid, if it happened. But regardless of what happened, I'm tired of Maryland being the only college that gets in trouble about cursing or having a bonfire or celebrating after a big win. It happens at just about every major college. But we're in the Baltimore-DC metro area, so it gets magnified 1,000 times any time we do something wrong. And because this game was against Navy, it's getting a lot of attention, especially after all of the stories regarding the "finger" incident that allegedly stopped the game from being played for 40 years (as an aside, I'm pretty sure the Mids deserved getting the finger in 64, considering they were shouting racist comments at one of our players, which made him respond the way he did). I might be alone on an island here with this, but I've never understood people who get offended by words. They're words. Who cares? This rant was inspired by:

The Diamondback - Staff editorial: Terps will be Terps

Desmond Kearse Will Play Against Morgan State
That'll be redshirt burn #3. I wonder where he'll be used; Robinson will play at safety, so I'm guessing Kearse will be used in some kind of hybrid position, or on special teams. Probably special teams. -BB

Hughes takes in big MD win
Apparently Travis Hughes was at the MD-Navy game. Lock up him and Dondi Kirby (both legitimate possibilities) and this class is looking amazing. Oh, and Darius Jennings and Blake Countess are still possibilities, at least in theory. -BB

The Diamondback - Terps' multiple-choice answer
Good piece on Meggett and Da'Rel.

Doc Saturday Puts Maryland at...#13?
Okay, let's get this out of the way: he focuses strongly on what's on paper and the strength of schedule. And as far as beating teams that are supposed to be good, there's Boise, TCU, LSU, Utah, and maybe Fresno, Michigan, BYU, and South Carolina. That's about it. Oh, and Maryland. Hey, I'll take it.