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Terps Could Play Three QBs Against Morgan State

It's not a definitive statement eiether way at all regarding the quite possible QB controversy that may or may not be brewing in College Park, but it is something: Ralph Friedgen says that both Jamarr Robinson and Danny O'Brien will play in Saturday's game against Morgan State, and third-stringer C.J. Brown may even get some playing time as well.

Per Eric Prisbell:

Here is what Friedgen said about quarterbacks on today's ACC teleconference: "I think we'll play both. I wouldn't be surprised if we wind up playing C.J. Brown."

Well, I was almost certain that O'Brien would get some playing time anyway considering the Terps' opposition, but C.J. Brown I wasn't as sure about.

The reason I don't think it's a definitive statement is because Maryland should be planning on winning by three touchdowns or so, and I would certainly hope that - regardless of whether or not there's a QB controversy - the Terps would play their second-string QB, and maybe even their third-stringer, regardless of where they all stand.

As it just so happened, they all stand pretty close. In fact, giving Brown a look might be nice just to get an idea of where he stands in the big picture. I've been under the impression that the gap between Robinson and O'Brien is small, and it's just as small between O'Brien and Brown. In fact, Brown might've been more impressive in fall practice.

Either way, in game that will (hopefully) produce far fewer storylines than last week's outing, this is one big thing to watch out for.