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Maryland Minute - 09.07.10 - Kevin Anderson Officially Introduced as New AD

Lots going on, from new AD being officially introduced to football quarterback controversy, to basketball recruiting.

Maryland Introduces Anderson as New AD - IMS
A great overview of Kevin Anderson's press conference and introduction. Sounds good to me, very straightforward. Not giving a lot away, but he seems to have a good head on his shoulders if nothing else. -BB

Terps’ new AD promises excellence, fiscal responsibility - AP
The AP's take

Terrapins Insider - Why Gary Williams will like Kevin Anderson
Well, this could work out very nicely indeed.

Anderson said he would like college coaches to have more access with prospects because, under current rules, he believes it is difficult to forge a strong enough relationships to best decide whether the prospect is the right fit for the school. Coaches, including Williams, have long lamented strict recruiting guidelines that allow outside influences to have more access to recruits than college coaches.

Terps still have a two-QB plan -
Maryland will use Jamarr Robinson, Danny O'Brien....and we're back to a 2 QB plan....which apparently was the plan all along against Navy, but O'Brien fumbled away his chance.

Terps Have "Ground to Make Up" With Hopkins
Eh, just cross it off the board. -BB

Mikael Hopkins Visiting Ohio State, Kansas - Zags
Hmm. He's scheduled an in-home visit with Maryland, but that's a pretty intimidating duo. The good news is that Hopkins has, incredibly, entered backup territory behind Johnny O'Bryant and Adjehi Baru.

Masengo Kabongo Leaves Team
Wow, that's disappointing. Kabongo could've gone to Florida, he was very highly-recruited. Thought he was gonna do big things. Sadly, he just never really materialized. -BB

Deuce Bello Still Considering Maryland, So He Says - Zags
He'll go to Louisville or maybe Baylor, but he says he's still considering Maryland. -BB

Recruiting Report: Weekend wrap – Huge games for Hendy, Morton
Missed this yesterday, but apparently Jeremiah Hendy could be due for a nice little recruiting bump. -BB

Rush The Court - Summer School in the ACC
A summer update from our friends at RTC on the upcoming basketball season. They're far more positive about Maryland than most, ranking the Terps fourth in the conference. Sounds good to me. -BB

My take - I'd settle for that.