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Maryland Minute - 09.06.10 - Terps Win!

Yeah, I get to credit myself for a photo. Woo! (c, 2010) - David Tucker
Yeah, I get to credit myself for a photo. Woo! (c, 2010) - David Tucker

I was at the game at M&T yesterday. Great atmosphere. Definitely felt like a bowl game. I hope they find a way to get this game on the schedule more often, maybe every other year? I was glad to see so many Terps fans showing up in support, especially after coming off the 2-10 season. It will be interesting to see how many people show up for Morgan State next week. I'll be there...will you? Now, onto the MM...

Terps go low through the air ... and win anyway -
Never in Ralph Friedgen's tenure has Maryland passed for fewer yards. Yeah, this isn't good. -BB

My take - I think the not passing thing isn't good, but then again, we were also running the ball at will. Jamar never should have been throwing when he threw that interception. I think a game against Morgan will allow them to work everything out.

ACC power rankings: Week 1 - College Football Nation Blog - ESPN
I personally think we should be higher than 9th...but then again, we had 11 passing yards...

Helmet stickers: Special edition - ACC Blog - ESPN
Kenny Tate gets the sticker from Dinich, but I think Adrian Moten Superman deserved one too...

Jacob Lawson to Purdue
Even the backups are starting to dissolve. Get Space, and everything's okay. Faust should still be priority #1A, and even moreso now. -BB

Navy's perfect season, Heisman hopes torpedoed by Terps - CollegeFootballTalk
Well that's just about as negative as possible.

Watching the game and seeing the result, it was a struggle to figure out what was bigger: the win Ralph Friedgen desperately needed as he attempts to hold on to his Terps job, or the inexplicable loss the Midshipmen suffered. We'll go with the latter as, even as we applaud the Terps' effort, Navy had no business being on the wrong end of the final score. None.


Either that, or Maryland should be considered a darkhorse in the ACC this year. And, to answer your question, yes, I nearly made it through that entire sentence with a straight face.

Just because the Terps aren't a legitimate darkhorse ACC title contender doesn't mean they aren't legitimate. -BB

My take - Maryland did a great job running the ball. It was the first game. The D came up big when they had to. I don't know if MD is a dark horse ACC title contender, but I think they'll be a 6-8 win team this year...

Tracking the Terps: So much for the Heisman hype - Jeff Barker -
Jeff Barker says along with the loss to MD, Rocky Dobbs' heisman bid went down the toilet. I'd love to see Dobbs win it, but even if Navy went undefeated and Dobbs had a monster year, I don't think he would have.

Curious about irrational scheduling in college football - The Frederick News-Post Online
Good little piece about the early season schedule in college football. Pretty sure this isn't going to change any time soon though and at least MD opened with a good opponent in week 1...