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1 Til Kickoff: Predictions for Maryland's 2010 Season

One day. One day, everyone. Just one more day, and Maryland athletics is back. With that in mind, it's about time we finally take a look at the season that waits ahead of us.

We've already gone over just about everything imaginable, from punt returners to recruiting to the coaching situations. So let's cut right to it: it's finally prediction time. Game by game, extraordinarily roughly:

Navy, 9-6: The atmosphere should be enough to keep Maryland in it, and I do think Maryland is pretty close to Navy in terms of overall talent. But the triple option scares me, and a lot. Both defenses are pretty bad, so it'll be a shoot-out. When it comes down to it, I have more faith in Navy being able to put up points than Maryland. I say the Middies in a close one, 31-28. L

Morgan State, 9-11: Not only is Morgan State bad, they're bad by FCS standards. That's like losing to the FCS version of Duke. Not happening. Terps win, and comfortably. W

at West Virginia, 9-18: Yeah, not happening. WVU isn't what they used to be, but Noel Devine should be able to beat Maryland single-handedly. Plus, Morgantown isn't exactly inviting. L

FIU, 9-25: Florida Int'l is like the FBS version of Morgan State. They're not even as good as MTSU, which almost won double-digit games last year. This isn't a gimme game, but if Maryland loses, you might as well throw in the towel. W

Duke, 10-2: Duke's bringing in a new QB, and Thaddeus Lewis was pretty much that team last year. The wide receiving corps is back, but with unproven Sean Renfree getting them the ball, we don't know how useful they'll be. Maryland almost won last year in Durham, and they're better than last year. A loss would be disappointing. W

at Clemson, 10-16: I know I said Maryland would beat Clemson because that's what Maryland does, but I don't actually think it'll happen. The Tigers know what Maryland can do now, and they won't be looking past the Terps. L

at Boston College, 10-23: Chestnut Hill isn't an imposing atmosphere. Boston College will be good this year, but Maryland's due for a win up there, and I think they'll have that chance. As long as Montel Harris can be contained, I really do think this is Maryland's upset win opportunity. I'll go out on a limb and say they grab a tough away win. W

Wake Forest, 10-30: It's almost clockwork - a big win, then a disappointing loss. You can see it from a mile away. Friedgen will make some outlandish statement, just like last year, and then the team will fall flat. Wake Forest is terrible, so it'll be close, but I'll go out on another limb and say that Maryland loses unexpectedly. L

at Miami, 11-6: Ha. Jacory Harris shall feast on Maryland's defense. L

at Virginia, 11-13: UVA is pretty darn bad, but they dealt very easily with Richmond today and Mike London seems like the real deal. They've been krptonite for the Terps the past couple of years. L

Florida State, 11-20: If Maryland wins, they'll keep the bowl-eligible dream alive. A loss, and they're officially out. A home game is nice, but this is Florida State, and they're the real Florida State again. Not likely. The Ralph Friedgen firing rumors reach breaking point. L

North Carolina State, 11-27: A pointless game with a lame duck coach, but its the time of game that just feels like a Maryland win, and I can't really explain why. Maybe just to screw over NC State. W

The farther you go in the season, the more its joke-y and guesswork. But I really do feel like 5-7 is ultimately where this team is headed. And that shouldn't be enough to keep either Friedgen or Franklin. Instead, we'll all be somewhat surprised but eventually very pleased when Maryland hires Kevin Sumlin. Callin' it now.

So, what say you? Give us your predictions.