Kevin Anderson New Maryland Athletic Director


Well, can't say I saw this one coming. The Baltimore Sun has confirmed that Army's Kevin Anderson has been hired as Maryland's new AD. He was one of 3 finalists for the position, including UConn's Jeff Hathaway and Buffalo's Wards Manuel. My gut reaction is this was the best we could do? I say that not knowing that much about Mr. Anderson. I'm in no way trying to question his ability or past accomplishments. But we all wanted and hoped this hire would be a splash and on the surface it seems like a did. The search committee presented incoming University President Wallace Loh with the 3 finalists and this is who he selected. Apparently and not surprisingly Hathaway didn't interview for the position. I'm on the road on my way to the Buffett concert at the moment, so I leave you all to debate this hire. What do you think? Ben and or I will have more about this later today/tonight.