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Nick Faust to be at Maryland-Navy Game on Monday?

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Another day, another Nick Faust news-y tidbit. This news isn't 100%, but it seems pretty solid: Nick Faust will be at the Maryland's football opener against Navy on Monday.

I've been told this by a source that reached out to me, and the news is also on Twitter, via the UMD Sports Business Society. Considering that he lives in Baltimore and that's where the game is, it's not at all a stretch for it to happen. Of course, that also means that it may not be that big of a deal, because its right down the road.

But still, it can never be bad. And it also gives the students and any other fans a chance to show him love. Signs, chants, whatever: bring 'em on, especially if you're down near the field. (If you're in the nosebleeds, don't bother with the signs).

In fact, a nice little "We Want Faust" chant between, oh, the first and second quarters would be pretty nice, no? I don't want to take the focus of the game, which should be the first priority, but it's something to know. And the chant would be a very nice touch.

Don't go committin' any recruiting violations, but if you see him, show him some love.