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Maryland Minute - 09.29.10 - Gary Williams and Maryland Basketball News

Don't forget, Gary Williams gets inducted into the Hall of Legends tonight. Should be a great, great event. As a result, there are several articles out about Gary today, which I love. Basketball season is almost here, folks.

Maryland coach Gary Williams motivated by past, focused on future -
Great, great read on Gary. You'll love him even more after reading this. It's almost a relief to know he was as devastated by the Michigan State loss as I was...

Terps' men's basketball roster a mix of new and old -
Let the basketball articles commence!

Tracking the Terps: More from the Gary Williams interview -  Jeff Barker -
More from the Gary interview.

Tracking the Terps: Former Terps talk about Gary Williams - Jeff Barker -
More great stuff from Jeff Barker

Terps' WR Torrey Smith injured but likely to play - ACC Blog - ESPN
No Torrey would be no good.

Terrapins Insider - Franklin did not give O'Brien a 'winning grade' after FIU game
Tough grader. O'Brien got a 1.3 out of 2, which is about a 65%. That's a passing grade depending on the grading scale that Franklin uses. Regardless, I actually agree; considering the circumstances, he did great, but throw out the circumstances, and it was fair-to-middlin'. -BB