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You Tell Us: Heading into ACC Season, Have Expectations for Maryland Changed?

I'll admit it: coming into the season, I thought Maryland would be 2-2 right now. I also thought they could still make a bowl game, even if it would take a few improbable wins.

Now, going into the ACC schedule, Maryland probably should be 2-2, but that doesn't matter: they stand at 3-1, having fully exceeded my expectations and holding a nice little margin of error for my hope of 4 conference victories. Does that mean I'm expecting more out of them now? Not really.

We know a lot more about the team and their opponents heading into the conference season than we do now. We know, for example, that Danny O'Brien, and not Jamarr Robinson, will be at quarterback. We also know that N.C. State, previously thought to be challenging Maryland and Wake Forest for the bottom spot in the conference, looks like a legitimate conference contender. It wouldn't be surprising if my, or anyone else's, expectations or predictions changed.

That said, I'm sticking with my original guess. Maryland probably shouldn't have three wins right now, and though that's what it says in the record books, I'm still questionable of the team as a whole. My prediction remains the same as it always has: five wins, with a serious chance at six late in the season. N.C. State was the sixth win that I saw, and that looks like a longshot now.

The readership at large thought the most likely outcome was 6-6, but with very sizable contingents predicting 7-5 and 5-7. With more knowledge, what are your predictions now?