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Nick Faust Sets Memphis Visit, Terps Still on Lawson's List

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In case you haven't been able to tell, or didn't read the Nick Faust post, I'm in Louisville this weekend, so I'm playing catch-up when it comes to news. 

First up, we have a quick update on the Faust situation; after semi-cutting his list yesterday, he now has a visit schedule to Memphis, one of the "late additions" to the list, so to speak. Memphis is a little scary considering the bloodlines to current Tiger Will Barton (Faust is his cousin), but there is some good news, which I'm sure everyone could use:

He went on to add that Maryland, Marquette, Oregon State and Florida State are his main four, and have each set in-home visits.

Not quite sure if there's a tangible difference between a "main four" and the apparently non-main two, but it can't be a bad thing that Memphis and Kansas don't have in-home visits and Maryland does. And again, I have a lot of trouble believing Oregon State and Florida State are heavy contenders. Maryland and Marquette are probably still the leaders, with both Memphis and Kansas with the opportunity to make a play.

Now, some even better news: remember when Jacob Lawson's list was reported as being Seton Hall, Ole Miss, and Purdue? Well, you can add Maryland back on there (and West Virginia, too). Lot of semi-true reporting last night.

It is worth mentioning that he only has visits set to Purdue and Ole Miss and in-homes set with Seton Hall, Purdue, and West Virginia. Maryland not having a visit set on either end is probably indicative of the interest level of both sides. Regardless, you can't count Maryland out of the picture just yet.

Enjoy the rollercoaster, folks.