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The Ralph Friedgen/James Franklin Approval Poll, Week 4

The first Ralph Friedgen/James Franklin Approval Poll probably came at a bad time, fresh off Maryland's beating at the hands of West Virginia. The poll debuted at a very low, kind of sad 21% approval rating of the two-headed coaching monster, but maybe week 4's poll will be better.

To recap, Maryland relied on red zone turnovers and Kenny Tate to eke out a win over Navy. In Week 2, they laid a beating down on Morgan State, and everything was looking good.

Then that whole WVU thing happened. The approval rating an understandable dive, but then Maryland topped a decent Florida International squad by two scores.

That win coupled with the fact that it now seems that Danny O'Brien will be captaining the HMS Friedgklinstein, I'm expecting a minor bump in the ratings. Plus, who really thought Maryland would be 3-1 heading into conference play?

Just as a reminder, approval pertains to the team, record, playcalling, program, staff, recruiting, everything. Either you like what's going on or you don't; use your own definition of the term to determine your answer. And please, if you feel so inclined, explain.