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PSA: We Reached 2 Million Visits Yesterday


A big thank you is in order: after reaching 1 million visits just six months ago, we topped 2 million mid-day yesterday.

The fact that it took us nearly two years to reach 1 million visits - not really a long period of time, but not quick - and just six months during the off-season, with little to no news, to match that same total is a testament to how quickly the blog and, more importantly, the community around it has grown. I can't wait to see the size of the community during basketball season. I couldn't be more proud of the site and the work that Dave, Ben G., and myself have put in over the past couple of years. It's been a great ride.

While this is a little bit of a brag post, it's mostly a "thank you" post; without the readers, the numbers wouldn't only not be there, they wouldn't mean anything. The only real reason we all do this is the knowledge that people are reading what we write and interacting with a great site and great platform. Thanks for reading, commenting, posting, interacting, emailing, critiquing, and doing everything that you guys do.

I'll spare the long thank-you list from last time, but just know that I'm proud, happy, and you if you've ever read, linked to, or otherwise interacted with the site, you're probably a reason why.

And this is probably the last "milestone" post. At least until we reach 10 million.