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Maryland Minute 9.26.10 - O'Brien Likely to Start Against Duke, So Long as Jamarr Robinson is Hurt

View #1: O'Brien Likely to Start on Saturday
Via Patrick Stevens:

"I'm going to see what condition they're in before we do that," Friedgen said. "I would say if it's status quo, it would probably be Danny right now. I don't know what condition Jamarr's in. They said it was about the same."

But someone interpreted slightly differently...

View #2: Friedgen Not Naming a Starter Until Later in the Week
Eric Prisbell saw this as meaning that, if Robinson's injured, the decision makes itself.

Maryland Coach Ralph Friedgen said in his Sunday teleconference that if both Jamarr Robinson and Danny O’Brien are healthy this week, both would be expected to play Saturday against Duke. In that case, he probably wouldn’t name a starter until later in the week. If Robinson’s shoulder sidelines him again, then obviously O’Brien would start against the Blue Devils.

Don't think this will be settled that quickly.

Sunday Friedgen teleconference injury quick hits -
A few notes: Gonnella's hurt but will play, Torrey Smith is "sore", and David Mackall has a concussion.


Jabari Brown Down to 5 Schools, Cuts Maryland
Eh, who cares anymore? The final five are Washington, UConn, Arizona State, Georgia Tech, and Oregon. 95% to Washington, IMO.

Maryland Favored Over Duke
By 7.5

ACC helmet stickers: Week 4 - Dinich
Danny O'Brien gets one. Unsurprising.

Terp Commit Stephen Grommer "Solid" Against Nation's #2 Team
Sounds good to me.

He lined up mainly against Dixon and more than held his own. Much of the time he would down block, leaving Dixon to someone else or allowing him upfield. Grommer also showed the ability to get to the second level in a hurry. He will likely be a guard for the Terrapins.

Women's Soccer Ties Duke
It was in double-OT and a great game, but this was the first game on the season that Maryland didn't win.