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David Mackall Introduces Himself to FIU Kick Returner, Pain Results

The gem of last year's recruiting class was unquestionably David Mackall, a Baltimore LB/DE 'tweener. He was massively hyped and seemed primed to make an instant impact. I'm fairly sure that James Franklin said "This kid Mackall has the potential to be really, really special," at least 6 times on Terrapins Rising.

And we finally got to see a little bit of that special against FIU on a kickoff in the second quarter. Observe:

Ouch. (By the way, both Knubles and Bits and settleten beat me to this, but it's more-than-deserving of a front page repost).

Mackall has moved to ILB to backup Alex Wucjiak, and has played in all four of Maryland's games so far. It seems likely he'll remain at middle linebacker and start next year, but there will be spots open on the defensive line, too, and that's his natural position.

Either way, it's obvious that he can hit.