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Terps' Torrey Smith Milks Injuries, Continues Blistering Pace Against FIU

Remember when I said that Torrey Smith was back after his 3 catch, 2 TD game against West Virginia? Well, I guess he's more than back now, after the huge performance he turned in against FIU on Saturday. He's a force.

Smith had 8 catches, 159 yards, and a 68-yard touchdown on Saturday, his third 60+ yard touchdown reception in the past two games. This was the first time a Maryland player had a touchdown reception in three straight game since Darrius Heyward-Bey in 2008. If you're counting, that's five TDs in the past three weeks for Torrey, and three of them have been for over 60 yards. 

He was all but ignored in the opener against Navy, but that's clearly, and wisely, changed. If he were to keep this pace over the rest of the year he'd end up with around 18 touchdowns, a mark good for twice of Maryland's all-time single season record - and that's assuming no bowl game. Last year, that would've been good for second in the nation. Of course, it's doubtful he'll keep that pace up; as time goes on, he'll be keyed on by defenses, and we're still not sure if Danny O'Brien (or Jamarr Robinson) can consistently get him the ball, but it's been a great three weeks.

Through those three weeks, Smith has re-established himself as a receiving threat, especially down the field. That used to be Hey-Bey's domain, but Smith is a more-than-adequate heir to his throne. After a rough finish to last season that saw him ignored in the passing game, it's encouraging to see him put up gaudy numbers.

And don't worry - he's not hurt. When he pulled up with a limp after his 68-yard TD (in which he dusted an FIU cornerback), he claimed he was "Jim Brown-ing it", or milking his "injury" for dramatic effect. So he's basically the football version of Greivis Vasquez.