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Maryland Minute 9.24.10 - Preparing for FIU, Basketball Visits

First things first: I've been asked to give anyone heading to the game tomorrow some info regarding the Nick Faust/Johnny O'Bryant visits. First up, students are going to chant "We Want John-ny" after the 1st and 3rd quarters (no "We Want Faust"?). It would probably be a good idea to join in and chant along. Secondly, a lot of students are going to have these signs (pages?) printed out; if you're a student and will be near the field, it's something you may want to do. Or, of course, make your own creative signs.

Show 'em some love, and keep all recruiting violations secondary. On to the links:

FIU hopes to utilize relentless pass rush vs. Maryland - Miami Herald
Yep, I'm officially afraid of FIU's pass rush. Six sacks against TAMU in the first half. I fear for Pete DeSouza.

Maryland football players say they aren't overlooking Florida International

Moten makes his statement:

When a reporter asked about possibly overlooking FIU, linebacker Adrian Moten was so eager to respond he interrupted to say: "We know what we are going against. This team has playmakers. They opened up the gates on Texas A&M. They opened up the gates on Rutgers. They ain't no slouch team. We're not going to be like, 'Oh, this is a Morgan State team.' "

M. Soccer: Terps Fall to UNC in Chapel Hill
UNC won 2-1. UMD falls down to 4-2-1 on the year. Still hanging around the national scene.

Good News: Alabama Isn't Cyrus K's Leader Anymore
It's an Iowa site, so they make it seem like they're a major player, but this is a positive development nonetheless.

"What some of the kids are saying I don’t know if Alabama is No. 1 anymore," McGregor said. "He doesn’t want to go there, I think, maybe because his brother is there."

Recruiting Report: Weekly recruiting roundup
Maryland will host Florida DB Steven Montgomery this weekend. Hey, might as well make a sign for him too.

Men's Tennis: Terp Knocks Off #1 Player in the Nation
The exquisitely named Maros Horny, from Slovakia, defeated John-Patrick Smith of Tennessee, the #1 player in the country.