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Maryland Minute - 09.21.10 - Two Injured QBs & a Beat-Up O-Line

Sorry for the late MM least you all have been able to salivate at the possibility of this for the past several hours.

So, here is something new for you to read...

Terps' injured QBs cope with loss of LT Gilbert - Sports Breaking News -

Maryland will have two injured quarterbacks operating behind a makeshift offensive line Saturday against Florida International.

Yup, pretty much sums it up. I'm worried about this game a little now...

Wounded Terps in must-win mode vs. FIU - ACC Blog - ESPN
Yeah, I guess this is "must win" if we want to get to 6+ wins...

Terps looking to improve offensive line play - Carroll County Times: Maryland Terrapins
Improved line play would be nice...

Maryland scrambles to replace injured tackle Gilbert
Nice play on words, Prisbell. See how creative you can be when you don't have to focus your energy on making up stuff about Gary's recruiting?

Maryland Basketball: Where Are They Now?: DJ Strawberry Signs with Hornets
Woo, go DJ! It doesn't guarantee him a spot, but he played well enough in the D-League that he could earn a spot. Ah, the D-League...should be renamed "Former Terps players trying to make it on an NBA team."

Maryland Men's Soccer Defeats George Mason, 2-0
And Maryland's now 4-1-1, and have gone undefeated in their last five straight. -BB