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Semi-Substantiated Rumor: New Maryland Basketball Jerseys?

Basketball jerseys are basically my pet peeve, as I'm guessing you've heard. So I was greatly pleased that blood water mission pointed out a potential new design, via Adrian Bowie's Facebook (more on that "Facebook" thing in a moment). Behold, in all its glory:


Front is below:


Okay, first a few things: the numerals and font are still the same, and I'm fine with that. Don't fix what ain't broke. The back collar stayed the same, too, which is nice - it was the best part of the previous jerseys. The only changes apparent in the uniform, at least in the shot we're given, come at the sides, where there's a Nike-esque pattern. Only instead of being of College Park landmarks (McKeldin?), it's a turtle shell overlay.

Yes, please.

For the record, the side black and gold trim was reinstated, another awesome development; it'll probably serve as the buffer between the side pattern and the solid-white front. And yes, you've seen that pattern before: it's very similar to what Maryland's players were rocking on their prototype Under Armour Micro G Fly shoes last year.

As for the Facebook thing: my policy is, and always has been, that anything private, unless it's entirely inconceivable that the person posting would get upset it got out, is a no go. If it's public, anything self-incriminating (ie, the A.J. Francis thing) is off-limits. Otherwise, it's a case-by-case basis.

Bowie's account is private. Don't go friend him, because that's creepy. However, this image was his profile picture, and is accessible to anyone who searches "Adrian Bowie" on Facebook. When you make it that accessible, the picture itself isn't private. And that's why its here. (Plus, I have a tough time believing that 1) he knows all of his 3000 friends, so the whole "public/private" debate gets skewed, and 2) there'd be a problem regarding the uniforms if they got out.)

Back to the uniform: big ups to Under Armour. Maryland needed new jerseys bad, and they got them. They aren't Nike Hyper Elite level yet, but they're getting dangerously close. They're good-looking and they're unique, and that's all you can ask for.

This, plus UA's new awesome basketball commercials and the launch of their shoe line, means that they're getting serious about basketball. Maryland can hopefully expect some return (finally) on their investment, starting very soon.

Now lets just hope there's no word on the shorts.