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Introducing the Ralph Friedgen/James Franklin Approval Poll

Okay folks, its been three games, including one hard game and one even match-up, plus a gimme. It's time to start up with what will be a weekly feature: the Ralph Friedgen/James Franklin Approval Poll.

It's a package deal. At this point, Friedgen and Franklin are one, and their futures are intrinsically intertwined. If the team succeeds, both keep their jobs for at least one more year. If they fail, both are fired. It's really that simple, so their performances are judged in tandem.

Actually, it's an approval rating for the entire program - coaching staff, program, players, the whole nine yards. It's just snazzier to call it the Friedgen/Franklin Approval Poll.

Anyway, to recap: Maryland had an energizing goal line stand to beat Navy in week one, followed with an utter beatdown on Morgan State, and then came out amazingly flat against West Virginia, only to have a minor comeback in the second half.

So, I have one simple question: do you approve of the team so far and the job the coaching staff has done? Only two answers, folks, though discussion/debate is encouraged.