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Nick Faust Cuts List to Four, Includes Terps [Update: Memphis, Kansas in Picture?]

Future Terp? They've got at least a 25% shot.
Future Terp? They've got at least a 25% shot.

Who needs Maurice Harkless when you have Nick Faust?

Okay, maybe Maryland doesn't have the four-star Baltimore shooting guard, but it appears that they have a pretty good shot. And it looks even better now that Faust has officially cut his list, and the most imposing team on the last one - Louisville - is now gone. The Terps, of course, still remain.

(Props to chrisp. I'm actually in L'ville this weekend, so I appreciate the help).

Update, 8:11 PM EDT - Ruh roh. Apparently he has a list of six, which includes MD, Marquette, Florida State, Oregon State (as expected), plus Memphis and Kansas.

Per Scout (premium article linked, four teams listed on his profile), his final four six are Maryland, Marquette, Florida State, Oregon State, Memphis, and Kansas. Some of the big-name teams that had popped up lately on Faust's list, like Tennessee and Louisville, are now gone. In their place, the teams that have been recruiting him the longest are now his top schools.

I'd be shocked if he went to Oregon State, for a variety of reasons. That's not a prestigious basketball program, there are no connections to the area, it's not renowned as a recruiting's a long shot. Florida State has a better shot, but the lack of basketball tradition, recruiting power, and the overall program there means they don't really make sense.

Marquette has been Maryland's biggest competition all along, and they probably still are. Unlike some others, I could definitely see him in Milwaukee, but considering that list, Maryland has to be considered the leader, at least on the surface.