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Maryland Minute - 09.01.10 - Hope Monday's Game Doesn't Come Down to a Field Goal

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Only four more days folks. Then we can start forgetting about 2-10. But for now, we can concentrate all of our worrying on this

Ferra Still Hurt; Baltz May Start at Kicker in Opener
Ugh, not good. The good news is that Baltz can hit from about 42 consistently, but that's still not perfect. -BB

The Diamondback - Midshipmen's offense not lacking options
Just tackle everyone guys.

Josh Wilson: 'I couldn't be happier' | National Football Post
Still a great story. -BB

"Oh man, I’m excited, I’m ready to go," Wilson told National Football Post in a telephone interview. "I get to go back, right down the street. It’s a comfort zone. I couldn’t be happier.

ACC Summer Shootaround - ESPN
Andy Katz and Doug Gottlieb preview the ACC way too early. UNC and Duke are, unsurprisingly, featured heavily. -BB

Does Jamar Robinson Give Terps Hope |
The guys at Turtle Droppings look into Jamar Robinson's potential...

Nike Shows Under Armour How Its Done When it Comes to Making New Jerseys
VT got new alternate jerseys, but so did nine other teams. And Nike is showing UA exactly how to go about making uniforms (take note): take the history and attitude of the school and surrounding area, and put that into the jersey. Oh, and make it look good and throw up a really cool website with dramatic voiceovers from the movie trailer guy.

Under Armour might be losing traction in the "cool brand" category. Texas Tech, Auburn, Maryland, South Carolina, South Florida, and Utah aren't enough to try out something like this? -BB

From Old Virginia: ACC roundtable roundup: preseason 2010
Remember when we had our answers to the roundtable earlier this week? Brendan from From Old Virginia has blended together all the best from around the roundtable in a delicious roundtable roundup.

Oh, and Wake Forest loves beating Maryland? Well, for a program that's been relevant for a grand total of five years in their history, them's some bold words. -BB

Seriously? Wow. Bold words indeed.

Virginia Tech's Pro Combat Unis are...Ugh
Blech. Maroon stripe on black helmet is awful, as is the homage to Halloween and the motherboard look of the numbers. Not impressed. -BB


Maryland Athletics - University of Maryland Official Athletic Site - Men's Soccer
Soccer kicks off on Friday at Ludwig Field. If you haven't been to a Terps soccer game, go check it out.