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Maryland Minute 9.19.10 - Injury Updates on Robinson, Gilbert

Quick Sunday updates on Robinson, O'Brien and Gilbert -
Robinson "will play." O'Brien's injury is currently "the same as what it's been", which may or may not be a good thing. Darin Drakeford, who earned one of my helmet stickers this week, is injured too, with no word on severity. And there's no word yet on just how bad LT Justin Gilbert's injury is, but cartilage damage can never be good.

Teleconference Notes: How to Replace LT Gilbert? - IMS
There are apparently three options: R.J. Dill moves to LT and Pete DeSouza becomes the RT, Paul Pinegar moves to LT and Bennett Fulper becomes the C, or Nick Klemm just becomes the LT.

DeSouza worked out terribly against WVU, so I'm not eager to see that again. I'm partial to option #2, because both Pinegar and Fulper have proven themselves.

Maryland Wins First Iteration of Yow Bowl, Beats N.C. State Men's Soccer 3-1
Jason Herrick had two goals, and Maryland moved to 3-1-1 on the year.

Tracking the Terps: Why did Terps surrender eight sacks?
I'll be writing about this later, but Jeff Barker beat me to the punch.

*Mistakes by the young line. "On some of our protections, we weren’t executing it right," said Friedgen. He said the line "overcompensated" for lapses against Irvin, leaving it vulnerable to sacks by other Mountaineers.

O'Brien's day starts late and ends early - D1scourse
Franklin said they put in O'Brien to "get some juice". Terrible idea, or at least the timing of it.

DeMatha Falls to Gilman, Darius Jennings Goes Off
Wowza. Jennings probably won't end up a Terp, but he's likely the biggest target left, and just lit up a very good DeMatha team.

Asked if he had the energy for more, the 6-foot, 185-pound senior answered blankly: "Of course, of course. It's all in a day's work." If 270 yards, two touchdowns and another toppled top-ranked D.C.-area team is just a day's work, then Jennings is truly working hard for a living.