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Maryland Minute 9.17.10 - WVU Starters Lazear, Urban Out for Maryland Game

Urban will be one of the Mountaineers out of action on Saturday. Image via <a href=""></a>
Urban will be one of the Mountaineers out of action on Saturday. Image via

Pat Lazear, Tyler Urban Will Miss MD Game
Pat Lazear is one of WVU's best players, and Tyler Urban - yes, the one that was formerly committed to Maryland - was the starter at TE.

Just two more absences that West Virginia will have to deal with. Telling you man, it's destiny.

The latest on Ferrara, Yeatman -
Nick Ferrara will handle kickoffs but not placekicking. Probably for the best; would you put him in at kicker after what Travis Baltz has done?

Maryland at WVU: Scotty Bleeping McBrien and The Curse of Steve Slaton
Maryland fans and alumni love to wax poetic about the “Curse of Steve Slaton,” but he’s not the only boogie monster in the Maryland vs. West Virginia rivalry... - DT

Maryland-West Virginia an Underrated Week 3 Game - National Football Post
It is.

The Mountaineers will be without shutdown cornerback Brandon Hogan this week after he was suspended indefinitely by head coach Bill Stewart for breaking team rules. The other starting corner, Keith Tandy, was burned by Marshall’s Aaron Dobson for a 96-yard touchdown last week.

That sounds delicious.

Darion Atkins Commits to UVA
And for once, I'm really not all that disappointed that a backup target committed. Atkins would've been nice, but he's behind Greg Lewis, and if Maryland loses him then things are far worse than we thought.

Antwan Space "Leaning Arkansas' Way"
Nothing we didn't already know, and only a half of a sentence, so don't go crazy with it. Still, not good news.

Another four-star, Texas forward Antwan Space, seems to be leaning their way right now.

Marquette, Maryland Go In-Home With Nick Faust
From Thursday and nothing we didn't know, but worth a mention regardless.

Travis Hughes Visiting Virginia Tech This Week
Guessing Clemson's the one to beat there. Hughes would be a massive get.

Recruiting Report: Weekly recruiting roundup
You know what to do. Plus, meta-linkage!