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Maryland Minute - 09.16.10 - Remember Tavon Austin? Terps Face WVU Player for First Time Saturday

Yesterday, we talked about the ending of the Steve Slaton curse and about the curse WVU had from Scott McBrien, but do you remember Tavon Austin? This isn't really a curse situation (one team didn't screw the other player and make him seek revenge), but a lot of Terps fans probably won't lose sleep if the local, former 5 star running back, who chose WVU over Maryland and several other big programs so he could see the field sooner, doesn't do well on Saturday. I'm personally hoping for an epic, game changing fumble out of Austin, who, by the way, is playing WR because there wasn't playing time at RB for him.

A tailback in waiting at West Virginia, Austin stays patient Former Dunbar star enjoying his role as receiver and kick returner - Baltimore Sun

WVU's Austin looks to thrive vs. home-state Terps - NCAA -
Guess what, Austin? Your grandmother is going to be disappointed.

Maryland quarterback Danny O'Brien has a mind that's 'two steps ahead'

Seventeen months ago, James Franklin's cellphone buzzed in the middle of a quarterback meeting. Maryland's offensive coordinator checked his phone, saw a text message from a North Carolina teenager and read it to quarterbacks Chris Turner and Jamarr Robinson. They offered a one-word response: "Wow." Danny O is going to be special folks...mark my words. Franklin has been around long enough to know that if prospects text their future offensive coordinator, he should expect basic questions about the Terrapins' offensive schemes. But the ones Maryland signee Danny O'Brien posed to Franklin as a high school senior sounded like this: "When the Sam comes, I am hot, but it's to this receiver. What if they are in this coverage and that hot is not there - can I go to this guy?"

O'Brien is going to be special, mark my words. He might save Friedgen's job...

Maryland could have budding rivalry with West Virginia -
Jeff Barker looks at Maryland's best options for a football rival.

The Diamondback - Goals aplenty for Terps Scoccer this season
Football isn't the only team enjoying a good season so far.