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Former Terp Greivis Vasquez Agrees to Contract with Memphis Grizzlies

Welcome, friends, to what I like to call a "slow news day."

But any good news about Greivis Vasquez is always welcome, slow day or not.

And it finally appears that Vasquez's long-standing stalemate with the Memphis Grizzlies regarding the bonuses of the rookie contract has finally ended. According to the Memphis Commercial-Appeal, Vasquez (and fellow Memphis draftee Xavier Henry) have agreed to a contract with the Grizz. And, for more good news, it's the 120%, easily-achieved-bonus contract that is the norm around the league.

You can debate about whether Henry deserved it or not, but Vasquez almost surely did. He, unlike Henry, played in the NBA Summer League and stayed quiet about the whole deal. He didn't even say anything when the Grizz brought in point guard Acie Law, presumably to compete with Vasquez.

Ultimately, everyone's favorite Terp (of the past two years) got paid, and got paid first-round money. Congrats.