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Maryland Minute - 09.15.10 - Will O'Brien Take Over Starting QB Spot?

Lots of news about the MD-WVU game on Saturday. But most interesting was this blog post from Jeff Barker at the Sun, in which he speculates that O'Brien might eventually be Maryland's starting QB. I think he might be right. And that transition could start on Saturday, depending on how he and Jamarr play. We all know how much success QBs with "Brien" in their name have had in the past against WVU, so lets hope our current one can be just as effective.

Tracking the Terps: "Gym rat" O'Brien faces biggest QB test for Terps - Jeff Barker -

The Diamondback - The pretenders
Cool piece on how the Terps are preparing to contain Noel Devine of WVU.

The Daily Athenaeum - After four-straight losses, Maryland wants series back on Terps’ side
Terps want to end the 4 game slide we've had against WVU. Duh.

Terps looking for statement win - College Football Nation Blog - ESPN
More on the upcoming game against WVU. If the Terps win, would that be one of the best wins for an ACC team this season? Never thought I'd be saying that when the season started...

Tracking the Terps: Maryland still negotiating with Texas in football - Jeff Barker -
No real update except that they're still talking. Nothing is on the horizon for Penn State either...

In The News: Maryland’s Steve Francis Mulling Move To China, Right Price Key –
Hmm, not sure how I feel about that. He wouldn't be able to make many cameos at College Park again. I'd also think that he'd have enough money at this point.