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Maryland Minute - 09.14.10 - More on Upcoming Game Against West Virginia

Lots of stuff going on in Terp land. Enjoy.

Terps looking to end road woes - Carroll County Times: Maryland Terrapins
" The last time Maryland won on the road, Darrius-Heyward Bey was still the centerpiece of the Terrapins' offense." Uggggh. Lets end that streak Saturday.

Yeatman "rusty" but likely to play at West Virginia -
Progress, everyone, progress. -BB

Terrapins Insider - Two quarterbacks expected to play against West Virginia
Still don't like him. Hope to be proven wrong, but Friedgen and Franklin failed with this (twice) before. -BB

Hubert Has List of 7 - Zags
Desmond Hubert may not be Maryland's top priority, but a list of Villanova, Ohio State, Georgia Tech, Princeton, Maryland, Wake, and UVA. I doubt he has a real offer from Nova or OSU, for the record.

CFN Week 3 Picks: Only the Chicken Believes
Everyone on CFN is picking West Virginia, except Clucko the Chicken (more commonly known as a coin flip). -BB

My take - can't wait to embarrass all of them after we take down the Mountaineers.

Boise State Broncos, lords of discipline, future 3-0 teams make the Dash - ESPN
Yay national media paying attention to us and giving us confidence! At least someone thinks we'll win...

Maryland Athletics - Obama Honors Women's Lacrosse Team
The Women's Lacrosse team, along with other national champs, was honored by Obama at the White House yesterday. Woot.

D.C. Sports Bog - Terps win means 16 free toppings
Ugh, I completely forgot about this yesterday. I wanted by 16 extra cheese pizza!

Tracking the Terps: Has Maryland found a true rival? - Jeff Barker -
More from Barker - Has MD found a rival? Who should it be?

Tracking the Terps: Terps get to play a meaningful game - Jeff Barker -
Some insights from Jeff Barker