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Maryland TE Situation Improving: Furstenburg Proving Himself and Yeatman Getting Healthy

Maryland's tight ends aren't "back" yet, especially with Devonte Campbell still out and Lansford Watson still done for the year. But the situation is a lot better than it has been.

For one, like we mentioned in the MM earlier today, Will Yeatman is likely to return against West Virginia. He's still certain to be rusty - he hasn't played football in years, for god's sake, in addition to missing the past few weeks - but he's also talented and, if nothing else, provides a blocking option that the receiving-oriented Dave Stinebaugh and Matt Furstenburg don't.

And speaking of Furstenburg, he's been a nice little surprise, hasn't he? After playing as a true freshman (then earning his redshirt back for medical reasons) and receiving sparing PT in his "second" freshman year, there were a few concerns about his ability to become a #1 TE in so little time.

Now, through two games that consisted of Navy and Morgan State, 11 total completed passes, and a defensive front line averaging like 250 pounds, you can only draw so much. But succeeding against that group is a heck of a lot better than failing against that group, and so far Furst's succeeded. He's actually Maryland's leading receiver in terms of yardage, and caught one of Danny O'Brien's touchdown passes against Morgan.

In terms of blocking, he's also been part of a group that's allowed just one sack and that's paved the way for a pretty impressive 241 yards per game. When a tight end only gets his name called for receptions, he's doing okay, and that's all I can remember out of Furst so far.

Yeatman's presence does change things slightly, mostly by providing a more solid, proven blocking presence and a stronger body alongside the line. But Furstenburg's been more than satisfactory so far, and Yeatman might not be claiming a starting spot once Campbell gets healthy.