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You Tell Us: Robinson, O'Brien, Or Both for Maryland at QB?

I already talked about Maryland's QB situation at length a few days ago, so I won't do it again. But an option I didn't seriously include there (somewhat stupidly, admittedly) has emerged as a probability: a two-headed QB monster. And not the way I suggested (giving Robinson a shot, but with a short leash); the plan seems to be skewing more towards actually using both QBs on a regular basis. To be honest, I'm not exactly happy with it.

(For the record: I will ask your opinion, obviously, considering that poll down there. I just had to get mine across first, because I'm the one writing this, thank you very much.)

In theory, the plan seems pretty good and on the progressive side, which is a rarity for Ralph Friedgen and James Franklin. Jamarr Robinson can both throw and run; in fact, he might be more dangerous as a runner than a passer. He'd be like a premier version of the ever-popular Wildcat.

Here's my problem: Maryland's tried this before, and it didn't work a lick then. I have no real reason to believe it'd start working now.

Anybody remember the Portis Package? Two years ago, Josh Portis was in the purgatory of being too talented to keep off the field but not experienced enough to give a starting spot, especially not over entrenched starter Chris Turner. So instead, Fridge and/or Frank developed a formation solely for Portis, which seemed pretty awesome on the outside, except for one thing. If the plays themselves were any indication, there were exactly two plays in the package: run right and run left.

Seriously, out of the 20-odd plays or so that Portis had in the package, every last one was a run. I can't remember a single one that actually worked, mostly because it became predictable. Predictability takes out the entire reason to have a package like that in the first place.

The exact same thing happened last year to Jamarr, at least before Turner's injury. The coaching staff wanted to give him experience, but for whatever reason didn't let him throw the ball consistently. Again, he would run the ball, and with little success. Once it becomes clear he's not a threat out of that package, it loses its effectiveness.

I'm not opposed to the idea in theory, but it's failed before and it'll more than likely fail again. Friedgen and Franklin have a very notorious conservative play-calling streak, and it's popped up before prominently in the past. This is one of the best examples of it. Just sayin'.

My preference would be finding the QB that gives Maryland the best shot at winning, and sticking with him. If that's Robinson and his feet, so be it. If that's O'Brien and his arm (which I'm inclined to lean toward for the moment), so be it.

But that's just my preference. And really, I'm no better than you. So what would you like to see?