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West Virginia's Starting CB Brandon Hogan Arrested for DUI

A lot about West Virginia is intimidating, but their defense isn't all that imposing, especially when you consider that starting strong-side linebacker Pat Lazear (yes, that Pat Lazear) is questionable.

And it just got a little bit worse for the 'Eers: senior CB, all-Big East selection, and "emerging star" Brandon Hogan was arrested for DUI on Sunday. That's not Hogan's first run-in with the law or academic issues, either, so I doubt there'll be a lot of leniency for this.

Even if he were to be found innocent (which I highly doubt, considering he was driving on the wrong side of the road at 3AM in Morgantown), one would think he'd be kept out at least until that was determined, especially considering his issues with grades and rules before.

Replacing Hogan would be either redshirt freshman Brodrick Jenkins, who was a three-star player out of high school, or sophomore Pat Miller, who was also a three-star player and received inconsistent playing time in his true freshman year. The Mountaineers do have Keith Tandy, a second-year starter, to slide over to the #1 spot, but considering senior Adrian Cannon will most likely be matched up against an inexperienced second-year player, I'd be pretty confident there.

And, of course, if you have the option of lining Torrey Smith up against an all-Big East player or not against an all-Big East player, you take the "not" option every time.

It's all coming together. It's destiny.