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Back to Hoops Recruiting for a Moment: Baru Cuts List, Terps Visit O'Bryant

For whatever reason, be it familiarity, preference, or lack of publicity, Adjehi Baru doesn't seem to get mentioned as much as Johnny O'Bryant these days. Both are Maryland big men targets, and finding a difference between the two talent-wise is tough to do. O'Bryant is perhaps more polished; Baru may have a higher ceiling. They're both very good.

Baru cut his list down to five today, leaving Maryland, three moderately intimidating programs, and one complete head-scratcher/favor. Via Rick Lewis:

Phenom Hoop Report Baru Update: In Home Visits- Charleston 9-8, UNC 9-13, VT 9-16, MD 9-22, Southern California TBAless than a minute ago via web

Phenom Hoop Report Baru Official Visit dates: Charleston 9-24/25, VT 10-15/16, MD 10-22/23, UNC 10-29/30, USC TBAless than a minute ago via web

Seth Greenberg has done a heck of a job with the 2011 class at Virginia Tech, and adding Baru would be something of a death blow (the good kind). There's reason to be intimidated there, especially considering Baru's unfamiliar with the game and process. And, of course, UNC is UNC.

I'm not sold on USC being a major player, especially not with their serious sanctions, but never count anything out in recruiting. Except College of Charleston. You can count them out here.

Anyway, that's the visit list. For what its worth, Maryland is away at Boston College (football) the day he's visiting. Probably just as well.

In other news, Maryland went in-home with Johnny O'Bryant yesterday. That was going to be a stand-alone piece, but it kinda makes more sense when combined in here. So, via IMS:

Terps' staff just finished in-home w/Johnny O'Bryant, the nation's No. 1 center according to Update posted, article coming up ...less than a minute ago via web


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