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Hey: Terps Grab Some More Votes in Coaches', AP Polls

Last week, Maryland broke into the coaches' poll with three votes, which at the time seemed pretty awesome. Well, get ready to be hit with some awesome-r: this week's polls see the Terps with a grand total of seven coaches' poll votes, plus a very-respectable six votes in the AP Media Poll. Maryland jumped four spots from last week's ranking in the coaches' poll to #45 (woot!) and debut in the AP poll at #42.

Important? Hardly. Cool? Undoubtedly.

Of course, this brings up the future-focused obvious: what if Maryland pulls off the slightly possible and beats West Virginia next week? You have to figure that a 3-0 team with a victory against a top 25 team away from home is top 25 material, right?

The long rise up the polls continues.