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The More You Know: With O'Brien, Brown Hurt, Who's Terps' Backup at QB?

Who has two thumbs and is currently Maryland's top backup QB? This guy. Image via <a href=";"></a>
Who has two thumbs and is currently Maryland's top backup QB? This guy. Image via

So you might've heard by now that Maryland's top two backup QBs went down to injury against Morgan State. While the primary focus will be laid upon whether or not backup-turned-potential starter Danny O'Brien will be ready to play or not, it's worth noting that third-stringer C.J. Brown is definitely out for eight weeks. And that means that Maryland's out a third-string QB for the long-term, and maybe out a second-string QB for the short term.

Because Maryland football has been the embodiment of Murphy's Law the past few years (and because Jamarr Robinson likes to run and not slide), it's more than reasonable to ask who would be Maryland's quarterback should Robinson go down and O'Brien wasn't ready to go. Or, y'know, just to ask who the backup to Robinson and O'Brien would be, once DOB gets healthy.

The answer: probably Devin Burns. Burns is a true freshman and wasn't as highly-touted as fellow true frosh Tyler Smith coming out of high school, but he was an early enrollee, meaning he's had an extra semester of practice with the coaches. Of course, that means more time tweaking his technique and, more importantly, learning the playbook.

Burns is very Jamarr Robinson-like, running a 4.5 and acting primarily as a running QB. Smith is more of a pocket passer and perhaps has a higher ceiling than Burns, but if any injury happens in the short-term, then Burns will probably be the one to get the call. Not only is he likely more prepared, it would be wise to keep Smith in a different class than O'Brien and Brown, for roster spacing reasons.

Burns' relative experience almost certainly gives him the third-string spot in practice, and probably gives him the nod in the disaster scenario that is Robinson and O'Brien being unable to play.

Now you know.